Evelyn; a timeless and rustic range

The Evelyn range is a timeless and rustic design with lots of traditions carpentry features. Every unit within the Evelyn range are made from European Character Oak and Reclaimed Pine, its rustic charm will add character to your home, be it modern or traditional.

No MDF, MFC or Ply are used within the Evelyn Range, only solid timber. This is to insure the high quality and rustic design of the cabinets. Every cabinet within the Evelyn range is supplied fully built including its classic knob handle and/or cup handle, all that’s is left for you to do is put it in its place.

– Finish –

To give the cabinets their gold oak finishes we use a light stain and lacquer, they are then finished with furniture wax to ensure the retain the classic charm for year to come.


– How they are made –

Every drawer box is made with traditional Dovetail joins and a solid base to ensure they last the test of time. All the drawers are set on tried and test hard wood runners, giving you a real feel of solidness of the carpentry.

As all the doors throughout the Evelyn range are made from Character Oak they can be quite weighty, so every door is fitted with butt hinges. As well as being a strong hinge system, they are traditional and they keep with the Rustic look of the cabinets.

The Evelyn Range is made from made from European Character Oak and Reclaimed Pine. It is a Character Oak frame and exterior, both drawer and doors are made from the character oak as well. The carcass is made from Reclaimed Pine along with the base, back and shelves. Both solid timbers give the cabinets a timeless and rustic look, as well as ensuring a strong and stable finished cabinet.

As the Evelyn range leads itself to more of a country and rustic setting, we understand some floors that come with this style are not always level. To help assist with this, we have incorporated 4 adjustable feet to give you as much flexibility as possible.