Looking to Kickstart Your Kitchen Project?

Dec 07
Here we are going to look at 8 essentials to tackle before your kitchen renovation Understand the kitchen triangle- but don’t be confined by it The kitchen triangle is an essential planning tool but modern kitchens don’t necessarily need to be strictly confined to this format. The concept behind the kitchen work triangle is that primary tasks are carried out within a triangular space between the cooker, sink and refrigerator.            

The Experience of the Kitchen Space

Nov 06
The drama of home life is played out in the kitchen. We commune, hang out, watch TV, telephone friends and relations, read the paper, do homework and hobbies, lounge on the sofa, cook and entertain, play music, argue and make up – all in one space. The kitchen becomes the active zone of the house, with an emphasis on sociability. Individual needs can be built into alcoves or accommodated within screens, thereby defining activity areas

Storage Ideas

Nov 01
How to add a larder to your kitchen A larder can be a real space-saver in a kitchen of any size. Their rise to fame started in the Victorian period, and in more recent years, they have found themselves back in fashion in contemporary kitchens. Code 211 Size: 1000 W 620 D 2100 H Code 213L & 213R Size: 550 W 430 D 1800 H                      

Home Appliance Design Trends for 2018

Oct 27
Home appliance trends for 2018  Brands are using natural materials to add an element of warmth, tactility and a crafted, luxury feel to their products. Wood veneers, cork and leather all provide a welcome contrast to today’s technological-driven products and synthetic materials, allowing appliances to sit more discreetly alongside furniture and domestic interiors. Here at The Freestanding Kitchen company, we can offer integrated appliances to fit nicely within our freestanding kitchen units, see our Gallery

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Oct 23
Why not add some vintage style to your kitchen, making it the heart of your home even more, with our interior accessories now in stock!  http://thefreestandingkitchen.com/products/interior-accessories/       Dancing in the rain Wall Art           Central Market Wall Decor                           Farmers Market Planter

Our New Evelyn Range

Oct 20
Evelyn Range is now in stock! As you can see below, this is our Evelyn Range. Due to popular demand, our cabinetry is now available in a limed oak finish as well as our standard oak. Limestone is ground down to a paste and applied to the furniture to create a lighter wash over the timber. The cost is the same as our standard oak range. Freestanding Centre Larder  

Getting Social Media Savvy

Oct 20
Welcome to our instagram profile @thefreestandingkitchencompany give us a follow!    

We are now encouraging our customers to leave reviews

Jul 18
As you can see from the stars we haven’t got it quite right for a few customers, in fact only two customers have written nearly all our bad reviews.  Well we know from the feed back we get that most of our customers are happy with our service and we are in the process of contacting tem to request they submit their more positive out comes, how we have helped then over come problems give them